Thug threatened to bomb woman’s house and kidnap dog after failed first date

A jealous thug threatened to bomb a woman’s house after she travelled 100 miles for a failed first date.

Gregory Gair got chatting to the woman on a dating website, hoping that he would be her ‘Mr Right’.

But things turned sour after their first date ended badly, and the 36-year-old subsequently bombarded her with horrific text messages.

These included threatening to petrol bomb her home, as well as kidnapping her dog and telling her to ‘sleep with one eye open’.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that the pair linked up on the MeetMe website and she travelled from Staffordshire to Wales to see him face-to-face.

But when she told him it was not working, Gair began to terrify her with threatening text messages and voicemails.

Byron Broadstock, prosecuting, said: “He called her a s*** when another man made a comment about her.

“She realised there was another side to him and that the relationship was over.”

The court heard Gair told his date: “I will kidnap your dog and rob you – sleep with one eye open. Watch your back.

“We will pour petrol over the house and light it, torch it. I will petrol bomb you. Nobody messes with me.

“Wakey, wakey. Can you smell the petrol? Lol! Your house is going to go boom and I hope you burn with it.

“If you try and get me nicked your home will go up in flames.”

Gair, of Newport, Gwent, pleaded guilty to harassment in August last year.

In mitigation, defence lawyer Stuart John said said that although the offence was ‘appalling’, his client had made ‘remote threats at long distance’.

The defendant told the court: “I agree I was in the wrong. I can only appeal to your good nature.”

Recorder David Elias told him: “She made it clear to you she didn’t want the relationship to go any further and wanted nothing more to do with you.

“You then embarked on a campaign of sending messages and then leaving messages on her phone.

“Some of those messages included threats to her and threats to her home. Those messages were extremely frightening no doubt to her.

“They were nasty in their content and they increased in the level of violence that was being threatened.”

Gair was jailed for nine months and made the subject of an indefinite restraining order.